"DETERMINED" | WATCH THIS EVERY DAY – Motivational Speech Ep.2 by Marvis M


Motivational discussion by Brendon Burchard. I included my own workout footage to show you that I do this stuff myself and strive to be great every day, and I hope I inspire you too.

The ability to be resilient toward your dreams, to keep marching on when the struggle, the strife, the trial, the turmoil, the regret, the embarrassment, when all that is there and you keep marching on, you know you’ll be a successful person. It’s the ability to be optimistic enough to know, thick and thin, storm or night, I will maintain my march. That is something that is built and engrained into a successful person, not because they were luck with it, not because they grew up with it, because they developed it. It’s a style they developed, by doing it once, they did it again, they did it again, they did it again. The more confident you are today, the more confident you’ll be in the future. The more you overcome yesterday’s struggles today, the more you’ll be able to overcome the bigger struggles tomorrow. Never forget these things. Keep marching.

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