STOP DRINKING: Why alcohol kills self-improvement by Charisma on Command

I get a lot of questions about the steps to take to be more charismatic. And this one always surprises people: STOP DRINKING!

It seems like improvement is something you do between the gym and work. But the truth is, every social interaction is a chance to learn something. Except when you’re drunk, that goes out the window. Rather than dealing with social anxiety, we tend to numb it. Rather than learning how to “turn on” a raucous sense of humor, we rely on alcohol do free up spontaneity. We sacrifice self-improvement for the the quick fix of a drunk buzz.

So I know it may seem unrelated, but stopping your habit of drinking is one of the fastest ways to boost your charisma. Plus there’s a lot of other benefits of not drinking that you get to enjoy as well, like waking up without a splitting headache 🙂

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