Sit Happens! 13-Minute Beginner Yoga Tutorial for Men Who Want Better Posture by Man Flow Yoga

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We know sitting is bad for us, but let’s be honest, it’s almost unavoidable. Sitting happens, this yoga routine enables you counteract the negative effects of it.

This workout (Original Title: Posture Improvement, Back Pain Relief, and Hip Mobility for Office Workers; Neck Stretch Tutorial) is designed specifically for that guy who spends too much time at a desk; hunched over with poor posture, stiff from inactivity, and noticing how flexibility and mobility seem to get worse and worse as time goes on. Use this workout to improve your posture, improve the way your body feels, increase your hip flexibility, and relieve any back pain you have as a result of sitting. This workout is absolutely beginner-friendly, and taking the time to do this workout will give you results you can instantly notice! Get ready to move and feel better. I recommend having 2 blocks and a strap for this workout.

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This workout is called Posture Improvement, Back Pain Relief, and Hip Mobility for Office Workers; Neck Stretch Tutorial.

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