How To Quit Drinking Alcohol by Captain Gnarkill

There is no easy solution to quitting drinking alcohol, but I do hope this video helps. To those that don’t understand, quitting drinking sounds simple. But the reality is that for those that struggle with alcohol dependency it is anything but a simple task to stop drinking. I know this and understand the problem well. I live it everyday. Lastly, to anyone that feels upset or offended about what I said about AA, first realize I do think it is a great program and it undoubtedly works, and works well. I have used bits and pieces from the program and am not putting it down in any way. In the last 6 months I have been to 3 meetings, and I wouldn’t have attended at all if I didn’t think it was a great program.
Thanks for watching and just know if you are having a hard time quitting drinking, just know that the life after quitting drinking is a life worth living.

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Sober for 1 Year – Why I Quit Drinking
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