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Hello my friends. Happy Friday! I hope you have a nice week. The pilot disappeared most of the week, but thankfully he returned today. I can’t wait for this weekend’s gathering to shoot new videos for Fit Revolution (<- my link will be free for 14 days and the GINAHARNEY code with a 10% discount in the first month) and are all set to send TOMORROW to your Home Workout Warrior challenge. Join today so you can do everything in your mailbox tomorrow afternoon!

Here are the incredible gift prizes: a Daily harvest transport, Balances glow box and bath bomb, green juice and gold dust Organifi, an Inside Tracker blood test and RD consultation (worth just over $ 600) and one year of access Fit Team. Come on! Register here.

Exciting news: we have a new little family member.

Meet Cookie, the hairless guinea pig.

Lollipop died suddenly last weekend, which was devastating. (The girls and I all cried, and poor Liv was the first to discover it because the Guineans live in his room.) We knew we wanted to make friends with donuts because the Guineans are social animals and like to make friends. The Human Society did not have a guinea pig available, so we knew exactly what to do.

Every time I take the girls with me to Petco, we always stop to see the animals. In recent months, we’ve spotted a hairless guinea pig who looked so weird but cute and happily popped corn (jumped for joy!) When he saw us. P has been obsessed ever since.

So we brought it home on Monday. We currently have a divider in the habitat so they can slowly get used to each other, but they both seem to love each other. They sniff each other’s faces and popcorn. By far the happiest we have ever seen from a donut. And Cookie was just the sweetest thing ever. She has the cutest little temperament and LOVES hay and really enjoys stroking her little head. Expensive.

Now, if you could live for more than 2 years, that would be cool. I don’t think my heart can last any longer.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! Here I will share some of my favorite hits from the week and on the web. Please share something you like in the comments section below.

To read, watch, listen:

Atomic habits. My current goal is to read or listen to a book at least a week. I know it won’t be sustainable all year (with Liv’s virtual learning schedule, launching, the Pilot disappearing, life, etc.), but when it makes sense, I try to go to bed early and read a little, or listen to Audible while folding clothes, I clean or cook. I’m currently listening Atomic habits and I really enjoy it so far.

In Atomic habits, author James Clear explains that our little habits all day can motivate us to be the type of people we want to be. (For example, instead of having a “I want to run a marathon” goal, create your habits by making yourself a RUNNER, still feeling motivated to run, and enjoying it as part of your life even after the marathon is over.) Everything about our lives and it is about our results, shaped by our habits; good or not very great. It provides tips for developing helpful habits and strategies to eliminate those that don’t serve us. I’m only halfway there, but for the time being, I definitely recommend it.

Speaking of habits, this week the podcast episode discusses the impact of sugar on our lives. Although I’ll never give up on a cold turkey (do I have to live with mmm k?), It inspired me to restrain my sugar intake a bit this week and start with fresh fruit instead.

This is so real:

Soul it was such an unexpected delicacy. I wasn’t sure if I was going into it, but it was heartwarming with a beautiful message and wonderful music. It raised a lot of deep questions from the girls that I didn’t know the answer to much, but we talked a lot.

Fitness + eat good:

check this out fun dance sculpture video!

Class of lower ground circuits.

Tips for balancing running, strength training and yoga.

I can’t wait to try these crispy roll bowls.

Tips for overcoming tread boredom.

WE LOVE homemade falafel bowls.

Fashion + beauty:

I think you might like these Beyond yoga pants more than lululemon Aligns.

I got a spray at home last week for some upcoming pictures and I have to say it was pretty mood enhancing. I felt pretty blah lately and wore a bra or makeup for many days. Even though I’m not going anywhere soon, it feels really good to tan a little. If you want to repeat this at home, try these tanning drops. They smell great and are made from safer ingredients.

Happy Friday, friends!


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