99 reasons why you should quit drinking alcohol for good?

  1. If you think you need alcohol to flirt and feel safe, think that drunk as much as possible is that you do the idiot
  2. If you need alcohol to have fun with friends, you really don’t know how to have fun. Is life without alcohol so boring?
  3. Alcohol does not solve problems, and you also know it perfectly.
  4. Alcohol in excess diminishes your physical and mental faculties. Don’t limit yourself
  5. Having a drink with friends can be something natural, and even a good excuse to chat, but when you chat with friends it is a good excuse to have a drink … something is wrong.
  6. The custom of pubs, discos, beer minis and betas, is a way of spending free time, one of the many possible ways that there are if you always do the same you are not doing a lot of interesting and fun things: going to the movies, going camping, riding a bike, doing sports.
  7. Don’t let alcohol take your time. See how many things you can do without a glass of alcohol in between; flirt with girls or boys, have fun, go to the disco, tell a joke, say what you think … do things yourself.
  8. The minis, cubatas and Caballeros that are given in the bars are in many of the occasions of a negligible quality, as they say of carafe, with which its harmful effects multiply. Don’t give your body poison.
  9. If you do not control yourself, a night of fun can end with your body lying on the sidewalk, your friends carrying you, with vomit in the middle of the street, with a trip to the emergency room, with a terrible hangover.
  10. Alcohol is a depressant. At first, it causes a state of euphoria that is followed by a strong downturn. There are many healthy experiences that make you feel happy without the need for downturns.
  11. Have you ever seen yourself drunk? Others do, and I think they like you better when you’re calm.
  12. The breath sings you wiskazo. Do you think that this way you are more attractive or attractive?
  13. You already know that if you are drunk it is most likely that they “prick ” in sexual relations.
  14. It is not “compulsory ” to always meet friends in bars. There are many other places where you can meet.
  15. There are a series of events, such as a rock concert or a football game, that young people like to attend with a few extra drinks. It is not really enjoyed that way.
  16. When you get drunk, your tongue gets stuck. Why do you want the freedom of expression if you don’t take advantage of it later?
  17. Have you thought about the number of things you could do if you save the money you spend on alcohol? Do you remember that album that you couldn’t buy because you didn’t have plans?
  18. The day after the drunkenness is usually not very pleasant, and not only because of the hangover. If you have caught a stew. Have you not felt remorse? Have you not thought “earth swallow me”?
  19. The time you waste during a hangover could be used to do a lot of things.
  20. Be yourself, you don’t have to imitate anyone, not your brothers or the people you see on TV.
  21. Do not identify a way of living with a way of drinking. Music, clothing, language, etc., help you express yourself, alcohol quite the opposite.
  22. The new drinking habits: unlikely mixes, shots, pops, etc. They make it very difficult for the body to assimilate the different substances that you put into it.
  23. When you are under the influence of euphoria, you think that your wits are sharpened and that you are saying the most interesting things you have ever said. If it were recorded on tape and played the next day, in most cases you would realize the mistake.
  24. Alcohol causes isolation. That you feel more isolated from others, although at first, you feel more open to people and less cut off.
  25. The new habits of alcohol consumption make the drinker not savour what he is ingesting, but drink with the sole objective of being “happy” and that the quantity matters more than the quality. Drinking to fart is as stupid as eating to catch a glut.
  26. Commercial firms strive to relate alcoholic beverages to a young, happy lifestyle, full of good times, dynamic and almost, almost, essential for modern life. Do not always pay attention to what you see … or what you hear … do not let yourself be carried away by the fashion of consumption, because what will always be in fashion will be health.
  27. On many occasions, the consumption of alcoholic beverages has been related to virility. It is a macho and shabby conception that comes from who knows what time. You are young and you should pass these things.
  28. Try to know the limits. Not everything dl responds world equal to the intake of alcoholic beverages. Perhaps with a mug of beer, you already feel dizzy or while your friends “hold out” more. This does not mean that you are more groggy, clumsy, or a weirdo. You don’t have to drink more because your friends do. Go at your own pace.
  29. Alcohol is a drug, a substance that affects the mind and the body; a drug that is more difficult to say NO to because its use is a social custom. Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation is not, at first, a problem for the body, but it is “overdoing it”.
  30. The alcohol causes fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, laziness.
  31. Alcohol creates addiction. There are people who cannot do anything without alcohol, in the blood. They are alcoholics and will not stop drinking until the alcohol consumes them.
  32. It can take up to 10 or 15 years before a habitual drinker is considered an alcoholic. The slowness of this process means that the real danger that alcohol consumption entails is not seen.
  33. During abstinence, habitual drinkers suffer episodes of sweating and tremors.
  34. The ” delirium tremens ” which is the most serious form of withdrawal syndrome, something like the “monkey”, is a frightening experience: those who have gone through it say they have felt on their skin, as real as if they were happening, his nightmares: rat bites, horrible monsters, nauseating beings.
  35. Alcohol makes you fat. Each gram of alcohol provides 7 calories without providing food.
  36. Alcohol is very harmful to the stomach, irreparably damages the tissues of the walls and causes ulcers.
  37. The consumption of alcohol, in excess causes cancer.
  38. Alcohol is fatal for your liver. Think that you only have one and it is essential to living. Liver cirrhosis, a disease for which there is no cure, is one of the greatest ills caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  39. The consequences of drunkenness are very harmful to the whole body, think that the body does not finish eliminating the substances ingested until eight or ten days after cooking.
  40. A single whiskey or a glass of wine is considered a standard unit of alcohol. What you may not know is that a mug of beer is equal to twice this amount. Don’t overdo the beer, it’s not as harmless as it sounds.
  41. Alcohol kills your neurons. Thousands of neurons are eliminated for every cup you drink. This diminishes your psychomotor apparatus, and in the future, you may have serious problems coordinating your movements, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  42. Alcohol causes tooth decay and infections.
  43. When you drink excessively your body becomes dehydrated, that is the main cause of hangovers.
  44. We continue with the hangover. The well-known method of having another drink to avoid hangover sickness is not recommended, as it can lead to confusion and grogginess for the rest of the day.
  45. The new drinking habits cause alcohol to be consumed in many cases on an empty stomach, this is fatal for the stomach lining and causes alcohol to be absorbed more quickly into the blood.
  46. Alcohol and physical exercise are two great enemies. If you practice any sport – as is advisable – excess alcohol will make you permanently in poor shape.
  47. Alcohol shortens life. According to some studies, it reduces life expectancy by 10 years.
  48. Alcohol is bad for circulation and affects the heart.
  49. Excess alcohol is one of the causes of suffering from varicose veins.
  50. The greatest danger of alcohol is that nobody really realizes its terrible consequences until they are caught by them … when it is very difficult to get out.
  51. If every time you are going to start a certain activity you need to have a drink beforehand, you will have to start thinking that you depend on alcohol.
  52. The body develops a progressive tolerance to alcohol, and the danger is that it will soon require more amounts of drink to achieve the initial effects. Your body will ask you more and more until you are definitely hooked.
  53. A habitual drinker can easily progress from a normal state to a dangerous one. If you drink more than a litre and a half of beer a day you have entered an extremely dangerous amount.
  54. In pregnant women, alcohol consumption can seriously affect the fetus. The children of alcoholics can have alterations in their development, microcephaly and present a fetal withdrawal syndrome at birth.
  55. Alcohol is bad for the skin. It causes pimples and spots.
  56. Excess alcohol can cause kidney problems.
  57. Alcohol addicts present tingling and cramping in hands and feet.
  58. Excess alcohol causes loss of appetite and insomnia.
  59. If you have a complex or a problem that hinders your relationship with others, be brave and seek timely help, alcohol is not a good friend, or a good counsellor, or a good doctor.
  60. If you want the respect of others, you must learn to respect yourself. Respect your body, respect your mind, don’t overdo it with alcohol.
  61. The habitual drinker suffers from increasing intensity anxiety, depression, remorse and phobias.
  62. People who drink excessively change their personality. It’s common for outspoken and outgoing people to become moody and introverted.
  63. Alcohol produces irreparable damage to your body.
  64. Drinking alcohol makes you lose reflexes, this is one of the main causes of traffic accidents: if you drive a moped, motorcycle or car, be very careful with what you drink. Believe it or not, when you are drunk, neither the body nor the mind responds as you would like.
  65. Drunk driving not only endangers your life but that of others.
  66. Driving produces drowsiness, dizziness … and if you are driving, hitting the head can be fatal.
  67. In drunkenness, you are not only in danger when you drive, but you can also be run over by a vehicle as a pedestrian.
  68. Sometimes a simple beer can impair the senses, and make you a danger on the road, it depends on whether you are fasting or not, whether you have taken any medication, etc.
  69. Alcoholic beverages make you lose your sense of danger and cause a large number of accidents due to recklessness and unnecessary risks.
  70. Even if you are not drunk, taking people who are too euphoric by your side can distract your attention and cause confusion that can be fatal.
  71. Drinking makes your field of vision restricted because lateral vision is lost, that, on the road, is very dangerous.
  72. With an excess of alcohol in the blood, coordination between the hands and the eyes is lost.
  73. If you drink alcohol your ability to assess distances will be reduced. It is a major cause of accidents.
  74. Be careful with the brakes! The more alcohol you have drunk, the slower your body’s reaction time. When your foot receives the order to brake from your brain it may be too late.
  75. Contrary to what is usually thought, neither tobacco nor coffee diminishes the effects of alcohol. They won’t do you any good if you want to take the car with a few more drinks.
  76. While driving, the possibility of having an accident increases when the levels of alcohol in the blood reach 30 mg; with 80 mg . the chance is 4 times higher, and with 150 mg (equivalent to about 5 jugs of beer) the probability is 25 times higher.
  77. It is not only dangerous to drive immediately after ingesting a drink. A poorly eliminated binge can cause symptoms of grogginess and confusion to appear in the following day or days.
  78. Anyone who has had more than ¾ of a litre of beer before driving can be the subject of a complaint. That is, it is forbidden to drive with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.3 grams per 1,000 cubic centimetres.
  79. Any driver can be treated by the police to have a breathalyzer test in the following cases:
    1. If you are directly involved in an accident.
    2. If he is reported for committing an infraction to the traffic regulations.
    3. If it shows visible signs of driving under the influence of alcohol.
    4. If required by the authority in one of the preventive controls that are usually practised.
  80. If you do not submit to a breathalyzer test will have to pay a fine and you will immobilize the vehicle.
  81. If you take the breathalyzer test and give positive, you will have to pay fines and your car will be immobilized.
  82. In addition to these sanctions, every time an incident of this type occurs, a judicial proceeding is opened, with penalties ranging from the withdrawal of the card for one month to the definitive withdrawal, as well as the reduction of the points.
  83. Not only can you do the breathalyzer test when you are driving, if you are a pedestrian and you are involved in a traffic accident you are also obliged to submit to it.
  84. Alcohol addiction can lead you to a situation of apathy, not giving importance to what happens around you.
  85. Exaggerated consumption of alcohol causes violent impulses, a large number of aggressions and mistreatments are caused by people who are under the influence of alcohol.
  86. Personality changes, moodiness and jealousy are common in people who drink a lot of alcohol.
  87. For regular drinkers, the obsession with drinking trumps everything else in importance. The things that matter to you and worry you now: family, boyfriend/girlfriend, studies, life experiences, knowledge, friends, work, etc. They are in the second or third plane.
  88. The abusive consumption of alcohol causes neglect in personal hygiene.
  89. Regular drinkers, as with those dependent on other toxic substances, are capable of lying and stealing in order to continue with their addiction
  90. It is statistically proven that the children of parents addicted to alcohol are more likely to develop this problem. Don’t pick up the bad habits of your parents.
  91. The alcohol addict ends up getting along only with his drinking companions and leaves out all other people.
  92. Excessive ingestion of alcohol is an important cause of arguments and ruptures between parents and children.
  93. The habitual consumer of alcohol sooner or later ends up losing his job.
  94. Drinking alcohol in excess causes lack of concentration in the activities of your daily life, studies, work, etc.
  95. In periods of economic and labour crisis, such as the one we live in, alcohol consumption tends to increase among unemployed people or in difficult salary situations, which does nothing but harm these people, who are reducing their physical activity and psychic,
  96. Alcohol causes memory loss, which can be a serious problem for studies and work.
  97. Alcohol causes absenteeism both from work and from university attendance.
  98. Anxiety and stress, caused in many cases by work life or school failure, make many people take refuge in alcohol to find moments of well-being. In the end, the problem ends up being more serious due to the deterioration to which the body is subjected. If you have a problem at work or school, the solution is not to drink.
  99. Excessive alcohol consumption will cause you to lose self-esteem, which is a serious deterioration of your human relationships, but also a great handicap in the world of work.


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