Life is Short, Are You Making it Count?

Find Your Greatness - 100 Day ChallengeWhat’s your mantra in life? How do you know you are taking the right steps to make it count? Sure, we each understand the need to eat well, exercise, and get adequate sleep, but when it comes to the other stuff, is it keeping us from living our best life?

Living Your Best Life
It’s easy to let the day to day grind wear us down and distract us from living our life. Some of us spend more than half of the day at work, down in the trenches with people we tolerate to get the job done, but many are not truly happy with life. It is merely a means to a paycheck or validation of our knowledge, skills, and ability.

From time to time, you should stop to take account of whether it is genuinely bringing you joy or if it creates an avenue to happiness. Does it fit into your vision of what your life is supposed to be? It is understandable that giving yourself a vote in your life might give you a bit of pause. After all, you may have responsibilities, or people who depend on you and putting yourself first may seem impossible under the circumstances. So, you feel obligated you stay in your current job or suffer the push and pull of being responsible.

Do not allow yourself to settle for the status quo if it is not pleasing you. You always get a vote in your life. You have the right to define your vision and mission in life and take steps to get there.
Ways to Make It Count

You can make it count, but you will have to invest a little bit of time into taking care of yourself first. Here are five steps you can take now to change your stars potentially.

Take Action Now
Nothing is going to change if you do not make it happen. Your family, friends, and job rule a fair amount of your life, but you cannot allow these areas of your life to stall your creative vision of what matters to you. You know better than anyone else what matters most to you.

If you do not have any insight into what it is that makes you happy, take some time to begin drafting your vision for your life. Set a few SMART goals and match them with the milestones you want to achieve within the next year and track your progress. You will not be able to make sweeping changes overnight but imagine what you might accomplish in 12 months.

Network and Grow Your Inner Circle
Step outside of your safe circle of friends and broaden your network. Become active on social media in a meaningful way and participate in face-to-face or live virtual events that lend themselves to your passions. Sometimes, these passions may tie to your current career, but if you are considering making any career changes, you have the option to move into new circles and join groups whose focus aligns with your future. Learn what you can from others in these groups and take note of some the things they are doing to live the best life.

Be Confident and Practice Positivity
Spending our time worrying about what others think can serve as one of those pesky distractors that keep us from enjoying a good sunrise or sunset. Take comfort in the fact that you are great at what you do and that you can do great things. People are asking for your opinion because they care what you think.

Build a Support System
Do not minimize the significance of a support system. They can build a bridge that serves as a passageway to your best life. Whether you are retiring or electing to ditch your current career, a healthy, support system that includes people who support during this journey and celebrate you can make all the difference in your life.

Make Time for Fun
Make time for laughter, a bit of play time, and fun with your family and friends. Living your best life means enjoying the people who are in it and getting out and seeing the world. Sometimes we get so caught up with everything else that is tugging on us that we forget to have a bit of fun. If all else fails, schedule time to have a bit of fun.

Make Time for Yourself
Don’t forget to make time for yourself. Quiet time can be an excellent restoration for the mind, body, and soul. Others may deem it selfish, but it will prove to be an essential ingredient for you in living your best life.

In Summary
You hold power for making your life count, but you may have to do a little work to get yourself on track living it in the best way. It will require you to take action, set a vision, and occasionally, put yourself first to make it happen. However, you are worth it. Life is short, make it count.
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